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Facing Extinction

Posted Aug 8, 2006
Last Updated Oct 11, 2011

I wrote this song 3/6 - 3/7/06 in Fruity Loops.

I came up with the title after letting my brother listen to it and he told me what he thought about it. It made him think of a powerful alien race on the verge of extinction, grasping onto whatever to survive.

This is probably one of my favorite songs. I know most people dont enjoy this song but to me it is just full and complete.

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Carl,aka crazyho maddog

Nov 17, 2006

you been tippin the hooch when you wrote this little diddy up,sounds like Mario bro's game,I know that was your 1st gaming experience,hehehe

Eric Olson

Feb 11, 2007

This really makes you think of Mario? I mean Mario was my first gaming experience. I guess it must be the synthesized sounds.
Sky Writer