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Posted Feb 4, 2007
Last Updated Feb 10, 2007
So ok I just felt like writing some today. I just thought I would write about what has been on my mind the last day or two.

I was watching this show on history/discovery channel(I dont remember which it was) about the ice caps melting and how it is going to affect us. It is a very sobering thought. I mean did you know that that the caps are melting faster than ever? Greenland has risen something like 30 degrees fahrenheit in the last hundred years.

Along with this comes the Ice starting to melt. Well as the first rows break off this causes for the rest to move faster. Which happens because the Ice up top melt and start going through the cracks in the ice and which faster melts the bottom layer. This causes no friction so the Ice falls at a faster rate. exp: A block of ice will usually just move very slowly on a dry surface(with a gradual slope) but if you pour water on it it slides at a much faster pace.

I am only mentioning this so you understand what I am getting to. So this is causing the Ocean to raise and the weather will warm up. Well since this is happening it will take generally around 40-50 years to melt all of it. Which will result in the ocean raising 30ft. The reason for warming up has to do with with less snow at the caps the less sunlight that is reflected back into space.

Snow being white reflects about 80% of the suns light while water is only 40-50%. While this isnt good it is also natural for this event to occur in the Earth's history. The only thing is Us as humans have been pushing this event to come faster and be irreversible. The output of co2 in the atmosphere is increasing.

The increase is due to multiple things. You have cars, factories and so many trees being cut down that co2 is getting to much. Now the significance of this is that co2 is a natural blocker of heat escaping our atmosphere into space to cool down the planet. So in probably your life time the weather and land will change and damage to Ocean front cities will increase.

Now this will increase the intensity of the storms do to warmer climates. The increasing in hurricanes forces. Katrina was just a little of what will come. Now I believe this is all for a plan. God's plan.

I mean God gave a time limit to Man's existence on this Earth as we are. A 7000yr plan. God set us here at a time when he knew in about 6000 years after Adam the earth would change in patterns. This in turn made it so God knew that the weather would intensify.( also Earthquakes but I will get into that one in another article another day) So anyways this just lets you know God planned this whole thing out before we were ever created.

I know not everyone believes the way I do but in every culture they have a belief of an ending of the world/changing of the world. I maybe explain all that later. If you put that with what the Bible says means that around this time within the next 50yrs everything will change. Just remember it will be in my lifetime the WORLD CHANGES. I am 24 almost 25 (God says he gives you 70years to live) You figure out the rest.

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Ryan G

Mar 1, 2007

The problem with this 'man is creating global warming' stuff is that it doesn't point people to the real root of the issue: this world has rejected God and therefore God is permitting punishments to befall mankind. Think Deut. 26 and 28. With GW, people can say "oh, our carbon footprint is too big and therefore we have these climatalogical changes..." God controls the weather, not man. Any thoughts on this?


Eric Olson

Mar 1, 2007

Yes actually I totally agree with you on that. God is allowing it all to happen for his own plan to be fulfilled. But I feel this is the time it is starting to happen at. I can get into that on another article sometime. :D Thanks for leaving a comment.
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