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Posted Jan 29, 2007
Last Updated Jan 29, 2007
After reading some of my friends stuff I felt like writing about how a male should be.. Ok well I feel women should be submisive but I also believe males should be respectful of women. What I mean by this is....

I believe the women should do what the man says but the man should do according to what he wants and the female wants. Men should find out what the woman they like wants and needs to make them happy and apply that to what needs to be done. Like if a woman requires more time with you to be happy well work something out so that you can spend more time with them.

Seriously as a male I dont need much to feel happy. I am happy right now and I dont have a lot going for me... But I do want to get married sometime in the near 1-5 years. So I have been thinking about what I need to know about women and to make everyone happy.. (not just me) I feel I should be the provider but also think about what is being provided for.

I think God says it is when you have food and shelter. If you have that you are provided for. I know I should be sure and the final decision but I also know that I am not right always. I also know that I am not very emotional so I have been trying to work on that a little. Men need to grow some emotions also. We need to care too.

That has been the main focus for me the last few years.. The being more emotional and reallizing I need to be a leader but not a dictator. Most males should understand this. I hope this helps other people. I could go on more but I think this is a good part stop at. Hope you enjoy.

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