My Stupid Moment

Posted Jan 16, 2007
Last Updated Feb 20, 2007
Ok I just felt like sharing this with everyone I know..

About two weeks ago I went and stayed with a friend that lives in Marysville, OH. I just let him listen to my new music when he pulls out his electric guitar. Well I pull out his acoustic and we start playing a little together. Anyways after a few I heard him playing a song and I thought man that sounds familiar. (I kept thinking Star Spangle Banner).

Well as I listen to it more it was starting to frustrate me that I couldnt figure out what the song was. So he keeps playing and starts to laugh at me when I just finally say "ok tell me what it is".. It was my own song I wrote (Going Far) he was playing the solo guitar part. How retarded would you feel if you did that?! I mean wow.... How in the world did I think the Star Spangle Banner was that song?

Anyways I figured I would tell everyone my stupid moment. By the way the song played on the electric guitar sounds so much better than my fruity loops version. I need to make him record it for me. Although the solo part blends in with his guitar.

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rick higgins

Feb 10, 2007

hey bud sometime artistic left brained people need a little help once in a while :) see ya brother
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