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Posted Jan 16, 2007
Last Updated Jan 16, 2007
Well everyone I finally got to work for something... I worked all day tearing down a trailor home. I got paid by getting the stereo out of this home we was trashing. I made good on it since the stereo is probably worth 500$.

It seems to work really well. I also found a old Nintendo and some golf clubs. I will try and sell them on Ebay.. Well I mean maybe the golf clubs and the stereo. We also found this huge bird cage that is worth 500$ which I can have if I want but I dont know. I would have to hope I could sell it on Ebay.

Anyways it was a fairly decent day out. I was in mud all day using a sledge hammer and wedge to tear the trailor down. It was pretty fun swinging the hammer but very tiring. Oh and one thing is I was told to wear some shoes that are water proof..

Now that is not a good thing to do is wear a pair of shoes you dont normally wear. I had my feet cramping and blisters all over them. NEVER again! I dont care if my feet are wet and cold better than sore and cant walk on them. But aside from that it was really fun.

Only other thing is the guys truck we use is not very large. You try and fit 3 large men in one little truck! I had one panel part lodged in my leg for about 3 hours today:) oh what fun. Oh and we also had to skip some gears while driving since I was right on it.. I will tell you what reverse was not my favorite spot for him to be in.

Well I guess that is about all for now.. I need to get quit writing about nonsense anyways.

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