Posted Jan 10, 2007
Last Updated Feb 10, 2007
Here is one thing I have had a lot of trouble with. I have never been able to decide on what I want to do for my life and I am 24. I see everyone else around me just choosing something and then say they dont even really want to do it. There is so many jobs I cant decide what to do and I dont want to go to college.

I dont have anything against college but I dont want to go then decide I dont even want to do what I chose to do. I would love to make music my whole life but I dont think I would make enough to support a family. How do you even decide what you want to do for a job. I mean I have had 6 different jobs.

I need to find a job that I can atleast partially enjoy. I would do some sort of salesman job but I couldnt do the whole lying to the costumer thing. I love being around people but I also wouldnt feel right doing that to them. Anyways I just need to choose soon or I will have to say goodbye to ever having a family. :( Anyways them are my thoughts on that.

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