Posted Jan 9, 2007
Last Updated Jan 10, 2007
Well I just felt like typing some. I think I will type about movies/tv shows. I like to watch comedy stuff on my free time and movies that have a lot of emotional pull in them.

Have you seen Invincible? That was a great movie but I would only suggest it to men since it is about football. I know some women may like it but mostly a man movie. This movie is the type of movie I like that isnt comedy. I would love to be an example like that to other people.

I wonder if one day I will set a good example for other people. I know that it all depends on me and how I decide to do things. I mean wouldnt you want to be an inspiration to other people. Other than that I like to joke around a lot.

Although I wasnt always a joking around person I think it is one of the best ways to get along with other people. I usually joke about myself cause then no one gets offended. Only thing is people think you have low self esteem then when I do it to not offend people. I have watched people hold in a laugh just cause of that.

I guess maybe some people do it for wrong reasons but I dont mind it happening to me. Having jokes is always good to get people to come together quick. Well since I am going wild on this topic I will stop before I just talk about everything in one day. I will continue more nonsense later on.

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