Thoughts on War.

Posted May 30, 2007
Last Updated May 30, 2007
I just thought I would write something about this just in case in the future one day they enable the draft again. Letting everyone know what I believe before it even occurs will let them know that I didnt just do it on the spert of the moment.

So what are your thoughts on war? Mine are, I believe that warring is wrong since I am not to harm another person. I am a religious person and well the bible says that you shall not murder and later says not to even be angry with your neighbor. I know that people go back to the old testament and say the Isrealites were a warring nation.

If you look closely it only happened this way because Isreal turned from God and so God made them fight their own battles. If you go by the new testament Jesus sacrificed himself for the whole human race. I could never see myself harming another human being even if they caused me pain..(this does not mean I wouldnt but I just cant see it at this moment)

I mean I am to be an example to the world and if I harm someone what would they think of God when I say I believe in God. Granted I am not the best person in the world and have many of faults but I am to strive to better myself and remove them faults over time. This is one reason I dont believe in warring either because even your enemy may repent and change. What if you are the reason they did.

Now I am not putting down military since they are doing us a tremendous favor. They are keeping it so I can live the way I am and without fear. Living in this world there will always be war and I cannot stop it but I just wanted to have this to fall back on if the time comes. 5/30/07

Eric Olson

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