Pushing Yourself.

Posted Apr 10, 2007
Last Updated Apr 10, 2007
Here is one thing I need that I need to focus on in my life. I just realized this yesterday. I have never wanted something so bad I would give up everything for it. So I have decided to start to exercise this in my daily life.

I am going to play my brother in basketball everyday. Now he wins everything and I think it is not just the fact he has more skill. He wants the game more than I do since he doesn't want to lose to his younger brother.. Well I have decided to start my exercise here by making it my goal to beat him and not to give up or stop until I do. (even if it is 20-30 years down the road LOL)

I realize that I am lukewarm without this. One way or another I don't care because I don't want it enough to be hot about it. So many things to work on and so little time. What do you do? I cant take on all at once but I cant sit around and do one at a time cause it is killing me to do just that.

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