Taken for Granted

Posted Mar 30, 2007
Last Updated Mar 30, 2007
I truly believe we take everything for granted in the US! I mean everyone in the US should be cheerful and happy for everything they have and other dont! I mean you have freedom to do about anything and the opinion of what you want to do with yourself. Just think if you didnt have that opinion. If you wasnt allowed to go to church, would you? I would I wouldnt care who told me not to cause no matter what God is watching your actions.

I have been doing this for years though! I have taken the fact I can do stuff for granted and complained about other things. Now that I look at it I truly have nothing to complain about! I mean I should be so happy and excited for what I do have that I shouldnt complain or wonder what it would be like to have more cause it doesnt matter! I guess that is why I am so happy now is cause God has shown me that life isnt just things! Well I will stop again and pick it up later.

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