Why do we complain?

Posted Mar 30, 2007
Last Updated Mar 30, 2007
You know I was just thinking about this and decided to post about it.

Why do people complain? I mean even over things that dont even affect them much. I thought about it and decided people are just carnal like the bible says! I am one of them also. I catch myself complaining if I am asked to do something or if it affects my normal everyday life. I mean why dont I do it? I dont know yet either but I think it is cause of habit.

Habit is a good and bad thing. I mean you can force yourself into one habit which is good and it makes it easier on you to do it. On the other hand you are born into a world full of sinful things and are taught it from the youth! I mean that is just torture. You grow up seeing all this sin and learning it and taught not to do it in one hand and to accept it in another. Well atleast the world accepts it but you cant fall into that. I have been taught to swim against the tide!

I mean I know Jesus went through so much more and stuff but, I will tell you what! I dont feel like I have it easy most of the time. I feel like what is the point of humans living like they do? Why do you go in debt? Why do you want stuff that isnt important? I know I have so much stuff and I am considered poor. Well I dont really feel poor. OK I am going all over the place here so I better quit! lol My focus is just wondering to much so I will finish this off another day.

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